holla ladies en fellaz.. ;)
Toni hea.. a nineteen yrs old hopeless romantic dat was so in love wid William Shakespeare en Nicholas Sparks.. ;)
well.. obviously i'm a girl.. but sometimes wenever pipol hear my name they always thought dat i'm a guy.. haha.. but i knw it's becos of d name.. ;)
abyway, my ril name is Marie Anthoneth.. i was name after the late Queen of France Marie Antoinette.. so as u can see.. im'm a hundred percent girl.. ;)
ders noting interesting wit my story.. i'm just a typical pilipina who loves to eat cakes and chocolates.. *craving* er.. haha i
i'm a type of person who would still laugh in the middle of a world war. i'm lazy . i won't deny that awful fact. i would make all the excuses i could just to excuse myself from doing chores and whatever ! it's kinda embarrassing for a girl like me to be lazy , but hey ! i also do a lot of stuffs that help build a better world ! haha . wtv ! I am also friendly .. According to myself. ;p haha ! well , i am. really! it just depends to whom I am dealing with. I am sensitive too. I easily get hurt and whatever, but it's ok. ^_^ Im a type of person who doesn't hold any grudge against anyone. I easily forgive. (^_^)
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